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When was the First Portable Computer Invented

David GallagherNovember 26, 2021,
When was the First Portable Computer Invented

The portable computer was created in 1981 by Osborne, a company led by journalist turned entrepreneur Adam Osbourne. It wasn't Apple or Toshiba who invented it - they just popularized their creation and made it more accessible for use worldwide. A few years after Osborne’s introduction to public markets, major tech companies like IBM began selling competing products that catered specifically towards sales of smaller notebooks. These early microcomputer systems featured relatively low-cost CPU chips but lacked other features offered on newer models, such as networking capabilities (though this would eventually change over time).

The story of former Silicon Valley giant Osborne Computer is one that many people point to as an example of entrepreneurial failure. Once growing rapidly, Osborne Computer came crashing down within less than 30 months after being hit with bad technical bets made on behalf of this once-promising start-up company which announced products much too far ahead before delivery date.

The Osborne 1 was revolutionary at best when it was launched. It revolutionized the way people thought about computers because it let its users move with their computer, not bind them to its dusty old box on display forever like so many other models from around this time had been doing up until then. The fact that you could go anywhere and set up shop made all of those early IBM machines seem obsolete by comparison - especially when priced at only $1795!

Osborne 1 was one of the first commercially successful portable computers. It weighed 23 pounds and had no power supply, so you couldn't use it just anywhere but only in an office or other place with its electricity - which might have cost extra! The 64K RAM made up for this inconvenience by giving users plenty of programs to do on their computer without having too many limitations (more than enough!). And because there were two floppy disk drives instead of one big hard drive like today's gadgets have now, people could store large amounts all at once while still moving data around easily when needed.

Though the company collapsed within 30 months, the Osborne 1 set a precedent for all its successors, up to the ultra-thin portable laptops we see in the market today.

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