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What Programming Language Should I Learn for Robotics?

David GallagherJune 17, 2021
What Programming Language Should I Learn for Robotics?

What Programming Language Should I Learn for Robotics? It's a question that many new roboticists will ask themselves at least once in their career, but there isn't an easy answer.

But it makes sense to wonder what the point of investing time and energy into learning a whole other type of coding when you're not going to use it. If you are brand-new to robotics, I would recommend starting with languages that are actually practical for your profession - after all, why learn something if you don't need or want it!

Which programming language should I learn first?

I believe that the programming language should be one of your key considerations when deciding which to start learning. A lot of roboticists can agree on a few languages, but it is not wise to jump right in without first considering why you want to learn robot programming.

1. If you just want to get one robot up and running

Your business may be using a single robot, but if you want to get it up and running as quickly as possible there are many languages that can help establish your enterprise. For example, with the hand guiding technology of collaborative robots, you don't need any text-based programming at all!

2. If you want to start a career in robotics

The programming mindset is essential for career roboticists. Rather than being proficient in one specific language, it's more important to develop the skills of a programmer. The most valuable skill you can have as an aspiring developer is generalizing your knowledge about any programming language so that you're prepared for whatever comes next!


1.   C & C++

C/C++ is the programming language of choice for many programmers and aspiring Robotics engineers because it helps ensure that their robots function at peak performance. C/C++ has a lot of tools, libraries, and functions that make this programming language essential to those seeking careers in robotics.

2. Python

The best programming language for the job is Python. This simple and easy-to-use object-oriented program can save you a lot of time when it comes to coding, but if your project becomes large then errors may get lost in translation which could present problems later on down the line.

Python is a high-level programming language that has been extensively used in the design of embedded systems for robotics. It's because of these features, Python plays an important role in ROS  


The majority of schools offering Robotics courses and certifications. They require their students to learn Java because it is a high-level language that provides them with the features they need for robotics programming.

Java Virtual Machine is a fast, reliable, and secure language that provides specialty features to Robots. JAVA Media framework helps robots receive visual images which are then processed by the Speech API


Is Java used in robotics?

Java is an industry-standard for robotics, and it's been used to create algorithms of all types. From search engines to neural networks, Java teaches students how they can use programming skills in the future.

Should I learn C++ or Python first?

Python is a great way to get started with programming. You'll also find that it helps you learn other languages like C++, Java, and R very quickly.

Python can be the perfect gateway drug to learning how computers work!

Can I learn robotics on my own?

Robotic courses can teach you advanced skills. You could always try to study on your own, but these classes will give you a deeper understanding of robotics and its potentials for the future.

How do I start a career in robotics?

There are many different types of engineering that can help you start a career in robotics. You might choose an electrical or mechanical degree, for example. There are several colleges that offer Robotics at all levels and it's worth researching what they have to offer before settling on one school over another!

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