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What Is An Ergonomic Workstation

Jeremy WynnNovember 13, 2021
What Is An Ergonomic Workstation

Having an ergonomic workstation means that your working desk and the things on it are arranged in a way so they don't get in between you. An Ergonomic workspace also promotes good posture by making sure everyone has proper seating for their height or other needs while still promoting healthy postures throughout the day with adjustable desks! An ergonomically designed workstation promotes good posture and helps to:

  • Keep joints and bones in good alignment, so the muscles work properly.
  • It helps in reducing the abnormal wearing of the joint surface. It can end up in arthritis.
  • Reduce stress on the ligaments that are holding together the joints of the spine.
  • Avoid the spine from being fixed in a bad position.
  • Avoid fatigue because the muscles are used efficiently. It also allows the body to consume less energy.
  • Help avoid overuse and strain problems.
  • Prevent muscular pain and back pain.

Proper ergonomics is important for a number of reasons. Not only does it help you avoid suffering from work-related injuries due to strain and overuse, but proper posture also improves your ability to do productive tasks at hand!

SITTING: Body position guidelines

  • Lower ack supported by the lumbar curve.
  • Thighs and bottoms distribute equal pressure
  • Minimal bend of arms at the wrist.
  • The back of your knee does not touch your seat
  • Place your feet on the floor or the footrest.
  • You should use your phone with heads up and relaxed shoulders, not elevated.

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