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What Is A Workstation Service?

Anne WallaceNovember 7, 2021,
What Is A Workstation Service?

Workstation Service is a Microsoft Windows Server operating system component that allows clients to request files and print resources from servers over a network.

How Does Workstation Service Work?

The Workstation service is a user-mode program that works together with the kernel-mode driver called rdr.sys, which resides on top of the Transport Driver Interface (TDI) layer. It allows interacting independently with any transport protocols like HTTP or SMB/CIFS file-sharing network protocol by implementing these standards more efficiently than other programs can do so themselves.

The Workstation service accepts an input or output request for a remote file, named pipe or mailslot on a client computer. It determines which server can best provide this resource and routes it back to them. The Server component consists of two parts - user mode called LanmanServer in charge of network traffic management while kernel-mode driver serves up requested data stored within local disk drives by creating abstract directory structures known as volumes.

With Workstation, you can also install additional redirectors from third-party vendors that will coexist with Microsoft's own product. One example is GsNW which enables clients to gain access files and printers on a NetWare server running in a Novell environment; it's included as standard for Windows NT or 2000 operating systems platforms!

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Why do we need servers?

Servers are essential in providing all of the services needed across a network, be it for large organizations or private users on the internet. Servers have an amazing ability to store files centrally and allow different people within your organization access at their convenience!

Is reboot and restart the same?

While the restart button in your computer is used to close all running applications and shut down, a reboot can be forced via pressing a hard-power switch.

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