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What Is A Thin Client PC

Ivy PedersenNovember 9, 2021,
What Is A Thin Client PC

A thin client PC is any computer that uses resources housed inside a central server instead of its own hard drive. Thin clients connect via the internet and must access applications hosted on one or more remote servers for most users' work needs; it can also be possible for them to do this through cloud services if available.

With a thin client computer, you can set up virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and obtain new workstations for employees working in-house or remotely at a lower cost. Further security is centralized as the servers that connect all these individual computers are protected from outside hackers who want access to them!

What Are the Benefits of a Thin Client?

Thin clients offer so many benefits that can improve the efficiency and cyber safety of an organization.

Increased security: 

The increased security that thin clients offer is a major benefit for any company. When compared to typical computers, they are not capable of running unauthorized software and will be protected by the same firewall due in part because only one user can connect at the time (no multi-user capability). 

Less cost: 

Thin clients are more cost-effective than regular PCs because they require fewer resources. Thin client manufacturers don't need to invest as much in sourcing the various pieces that make up a high-end graphics card or expensive hard drives, so consumers can benefit from these savings and enjoy an excellent product at less expense!

More manageable: 

Managing thin clients is often easier because all of the endpoints are connected at the same server. This means that you can focus your management efforts on that one physical unit, rather than having multiple people with different tasks servicing individual workstations for installation or troubleshooting purposes--which saves time and money!


The scalability of thin client architecture is an incredible benefit. You can scale up through the deployment of virtual desktops, and each user gets their own full-fledged computer for work that they bring home every day! Plus, if your office needs more desks during busy periods or season changes, then there's no need to invest in expensive hardware - just set up another desktop server that all employees will share as needed (and save some money too).

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