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What Is A Portable Computer

Anne WallaceNovember 8, 2021,
What Is A Portable Computer

Portable computers are powerful yet convenient systems that can be deployed at any location. These portable devices combine the best features of both desktop and laptop with their ability to act as an on-the-go workstation for you!

Many of the customers need a good-performing computing solution that they can set and deploy on the field. Primarily they require the following three things:

  • Portability or mobility
  • High-performance
  • Configurability

Portable computers are ideal for carrying out mission-specific tasks due to their ability to install specialized cards. Portable computers also use standard motherboards or backplanes that allow them the added bonus of more storage space with 3-1/2 inch drives, which provide greater portability than traditional laptop drives do.

System Performance

Laptops are great for traveling, but they can't match the performance of engineering workstations. Engineering firms usually require a processor with more cores and faster clock speeds to process designs quicker or execute large simulations quickly enough, depending on their needs. Memory storage in laptops also caps out at around 4GB, limiting how big design projects may become without using multiple computers simultaneously- even if you have an SSD hard drive!


Portable computers are perfect for people who want to take their work with them wherever they go. They're also great if you need a computer that's easy and quick on-site but you can't afford it or don't have space in your home office! The portable computers come complete with everything needed. It just "closes" when closed; no more complicated installations are required. They also come with special cases designed specifically around air travel safety regulations so there won't be any bulky electronics taking up valuable overhead storage bins during flight time either.

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