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What Computer Parts Can Be Recycled

David GallagherOctober 9, 2021,
What Computer Parts Can Be Recycled

Computer recycling offers a variety of benefits. Not only does it protect the earth and keeps toxic substances out of landfills, but you can also use your old computer for some business or organizational purposes too! Today, in this article, we are going to show what computer parts can be recycled.

Next time when you are planning to throw your computer, remember to consider the positive benefits that come with it and how its inside could be very useful in the future.

What Materials Are Inside Computers?

A computer is made of many materials, some that you might not be able to tell apart. These include glass, plastic, metal, etc, or even circuit boards made from lead-copper mixings! But if we look more closely at how these elements come together in the end product, they make up something valuable - like your favorite desk accessory (or maybe an expensive device).

What Specific Parts Can Be Recycled?

The components that are reusable from your old computer are myriad. Here is what to know:

The speakers, the monitor screen, and even keyboard keys!

  • Inside your computer, the CMOS battery works to store information. It can be reused for another computer to store data, ensuring that you always have access on hand no matter what - even when the power goes out!
  • The motherboards and cards in the computer are known as "brains" for your system. They're highly reliable, so they can be reused with other computers."
  • All the copper, silver, and gold within your computer can be separated from their component parts to reuse.
  • CPUs are made with high-tech materials that can be reused to produce more CPUs.
  • The hard drive stores the data in a rigid sealed magnetic disk. It can be used for some other models down the line because it's transferable and replaceable!
  • The metal content of a computer's optical drive is worth recycling. All these metals can be reused to make new computers!

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