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What Are the Major Responsibilities of a Robotics Engineer?

Anne WallaceMay 12, 2021
What Are the Major Responsibilities of a Robotics Engineer?

These days everyone wants to get on the bandwagon of IT and advanced innovations. Robotics is a vastly growing field that is attracting a lot of attention from inspiring students of science. This is why we’ve researched everything you need to know about being a robotics engineer.

What Do They Do?

They build, configure, and test robots. A robotics engineer job combines the various fields of engineering—mechanical, electrical, and IT. 

They would be responsible for;

  • Research
  • Configuring the AI software, including writing algorithms, programming and designing software
  • Integrating the software with the mechanical and electrical 
  • Design remote control for the system
  • Anticipate problems and potential issues
  • Technical support
  • Overseeing and supervising related tasks
  • Testing robotic systems and prototypes
  • Analyze and evaluate prototypes
  • Journal and record their work

How to Become a Robotics Engineer

To accomplish all these job responsibilities, a robotics engineer would need to have a very distinct set of skills. 

Robotics Engineer Skills

To understand the work robotics engineers do, we need to understand the skill set that is required by them. As scientists, a robotics engineer’s job requires them to be inquisitive and intellectual, but also methodical, analytical, critical, logical and rational.

Their job focuses on complicated projects which may take years to accomplish, which would mean a robotics engineer needs to have great resilience, persistence and focus.

Robotics Engineering Courses

To get into the world of robotics, you do need a degree and an education first and foremost. That would include engineering courses like Mechanical engineering, Information Technology, Physics and Artificial Intelligence.

Aspiring robotics engineers would also need to have a firm grasp on software like CAD/CAM.

Robotics is a step up the engineering ladder, so anyone hoping to take it on would need to be proficient in their study.


A robotics engineer’s salary stands at an average of $90k per annum in the U.S, which is quite a handsome salary.

So the combination of the challenge of taking on a highly intellectual field, combined with the fascinating technologies and financial gain, makes for quite an attractive package to pursue.

Are you considering a career in robotics? Which aspect of the job attracts you the most?

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