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What Are the Different Types of Computers?

Jeremy WynnSeptember 2, 2021,
What Are the Different Types of Computers?

Computers are electronic devices for storing, processing, and displaying data when the respective command is entered. Based on this concept, Humans can program computers to carry out complex arithmetic and logical operations sequences.

Programs are the set of instructions used to communicate with the computer, and programs tell the computer what we want it to do or what instruction we want it to execute. Programs enable computers to perform a wide range of complex tasks.

So many types of computers exist in the market, each dedicated to its own specific job. Some provide complex sequence solving the power, while some aim to provide mobility. All of the types have their discrete function and can not be compared with each other.

Types of Computer

Listed below are some types of computers with their usage and distinguishing qualities.

Handheld Computers

Handheld computers are currently the most used type of computer. According to a study, there are more handheld devices currently active in the world than the population of this world. People opt for handheld devices for many reasons.

Handheld devices are easy to use in your day-to-day routine. These devices are easy to carry and use when you are on the go. Such devices include smartphones, tablet PCs, and Personal Information Manager (PIM).

Super Computers

Supercomputers are extremely powerful computers. Compared to a standard computer, the supercomputer has a lot more processing power and can solve problems in the minimal time possible with so much more accuracy.

Supercomputers are used most commonly used for computationally intensive tasks in various fields. Only a supercomputer can perform a wide range of tasks in fields including molecular models, quantum physics, weather forecast, oil and gas exploration, climate research, and much more.

Personal Computers

Personal computers, as the name suggests, are for personal use. These computers are primarily set up on a specific desk and are not mobile. Personals computers were prevalent a few decades earlier, but mobile devices are now replacing them very quickly.

Nowadays, personal computers or PCs are used mainly for gaming and mining. Gamers prefer a set system to focus on their game, whereas mining just needs computational power, so PCs are the perfect devices for mining.

Micro Computers

Microcomputers are the most miniature computers that exist in this world. These computers are not usable as other types of computers, but these small devices are responsible for making other electronic devices smart for us.

The most common use of microcomputers nowadays is in the Internet of Things (IoT). Microcomputers are responsible for making things we use in our routine life like refrigerators, televisions, or Airconditioners smarter and artificially intelligent.

Even though many types of computers exist, each type has its significance that we can not ignore, given our situation.

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Why do we need different types of computers?

Different types of tasks need different types of computers. That is why we have multiple computer types. Sometimes we need good camera functions, and other times we need high computational power. An all-in-one computer would be costly, so computers are categorized according to people’s needs.

What are Mainframes computers?

Mainframe computers, also called big iron, are large computers used by big organizations for critical processing like data analysis, stats, and planning. Mainframes are used where substantial computational power is required but not as much as a supercomputer provides.

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