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How VR Workout Apps Can Make Exercising More Fun

Anne WallaceJune 18, 2021, ,
How VR Workout Apps Can Make Exercising More Fun

Virtual Reality Workouts use VR technology to create environments and virtual training to help in daily workouts.

VR can make your workouts fun and interesting by training you, helping with your coordination, can be done with family or in privacy, working on the brain-body connection, creating a variety of virtual environments that take your mind off how hard the exercise is and makes it fun and enjoyable.

Let’s see what experts and people with experience have to say about the different ways in which VR helps in workouts.

VR creates an outdoor feeling in times of Pandemic and Lockdowns

“People who led a fitness lifestyle saw their daily routine heavily affected by the pandemic since gyms suddenly closed their doors and their workouts were abruptly compromised. I was part of that group of people, but I quickly tried to find an alternative to maintain a fit lifestyle during lockdown that didn't require an absurd inversion of money like buying my own gym equipment, and that's when I got to VR workouts. As a video game enthusiast, it was a dream come true when I realized I could mix both of my passions: to work out and have fun playing video games. Virtual reality isn't a sedentary gaming experience, but quite the opposite; you can get your heart running and have exhausting workout sessions while enjoying yourself with great games like Beat Saber and OhShape. Delving into many different games' digital worlds will provide you with so much fun that you won't even feel like you're working out. Yes, you will be sweating and dropping your jaw in exhaustion, but its enjoyable feature will make you yearn for tomorrow's session, something that doesn't regularly happen when you’re attending the gym.”

Torben Lonne Diver, Co-Founder & Chief Editor

VR breaks the Monotony of Daily Workouts

“The ability of VR to immerse you in a completely different environment breaks the monotony of having to head to the same gym every day. Virtual reality is making working out feel like play by the gamification of exercise routines. In  addition, avatars reduce real-world self-consciousness for people with insecurities and fears to join real-world fitness classes. These workout apps connect people with other participants in the world, which acts as a boost to keep going on. It provides a competitive environment making the exercise sessions fun. And, participants can use VR systems in the comfort of their homes which is convenient compared to waiting in line to use gym equipment.Home workouts can now become a family affair with people having both family time and burn some calories. Furthermore, these systems are equipped with features to track the burnout of calories, which acts as a motivation and can enhance technique and coordination, especially for the boxers.”

Harriet Chan, Co-founder & Marketing Director CocoFinder

Confidence and Privacy to try out New Moves

“VR apps give you an augmented virtual room where you can easily immerse in any kind of environment you crave and love for doing exercise. Since you are working it out at home, VR apps for exercise gives you confidence and privacy to enjoy any moves, any time! VR apps can show you main monitors right inside your VR headset screen: heartbeat, pulse, breathing, calories burned, and etc., which will give you motivation and flexibility to do more and easily. VR apps, and specifically games built for this purpose, makes the entire workout a positive, fun, and challenging experience.”

Will Cannon, CEO of Uplead

Different Apps for VR Workouts

“Beat Saber is a perfect stellar cardio app for workouts. It depends on how much you focus and the duration you play; you can get used to it and be more physically active than you would otherwise. This application is specially designed for the workout to grip over it, and you need to focus on moments. If you emphasize most of your movement in your wrists or arms, you won’t get as extreme a workout. Another one is FitXR, interlinking two different kinds of exercises in the same package, boxing and dance. You can select either workout, choosing whatever is featured that day, or filtering the library of exercise to only one or the other. All the workouts in this app are intense. Like boxing workouts need you to jab, uppercut, hook, and block the target apart from squats and lunges. Punches need to be more powerful, and that makes this game more tiring than applications in which you can “pull your punches,” so to speak, to finish the workout without exhausting yourself. Another one is BoxVR that helps you in choosing from 45 workouts based on how tough a session you need to go for. These differ in length from short three-minute warm-ups to 60+ minute endurance exercises; there’s enough choice based on how many calories you need to burn.”

Olivia Tan, Co-Founder, CocoFax

VR can Help build Motivation for Workouts

“VR workout apps are a great way to get your fitness goals. For some people, it might be the thing that gets them to start working out regularly. However, before choosing the right workout app for you, make sure you have clearly defined goals. That is, knowing what you want to achieve with your health and body before even starting. For instance, do you want to get some cardio in every day or you just look to get out of your work chair? The goal will determine your decisions on which app to use for you. If you have a clear objective in mind, the exercise will be easy and fun.”

Baruch Labunski, IT Expert Rank Secure

VR Brings Variety and Color to make Workouts Fun

“Workout and exercise have taken a new turn with the release of VR and I’m here to explain why it’s so much more fun than your standard workout. It’s immersive. Let’s be honest here, a lot of people consider working out to be quite a chore. And doing the same sets of squats or a few minutes of cardio on the treadmill doesn’t help. With VR apps, you can immerse yourself in a new world and explore new possibilities. VR biking apps, in particular, let you feel as if you’re in a triathlon trying to beat other runners. It also offers scenic sights as you travel within the VR works and that certainly beats looking at the same wall when cycling at home. To cut it short, the immersion that VR brings you makes workouts more enjoyable and provides you with a sense of novelty. It Promotes Competitiveness Tracking your progress can be a real pain when working out. Some people don’t even bother with tracking progress which can lead to pretty ineffective workouts. Thankfully this problem can be solved with VR workout apps. What I like about video games is that it records your scores and the same can be said for VR workout apps. It’s much easier to track your progress since the computer does it for you. Now you can easily take note of your progress and you can set goals to beat your previous high score, whether that score means clearing the virtual track faster than before or beating that annoying AI that keeps getting ahead of you in the race.”

Erik Pham, CEO and Managing Editor of Healthcanal Website

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