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How To Setup Thin Client

Ivy PedersenNovember 14, 2021,
How To Setup Thin Client

A thin client is a network workstation that doesn't use a hard drive or memory. Instead, it relies on the resources of an accessible server to run applications and store data. They're typically less expensive than standard computers, with greater benefits for businesses who want low maintenance costs or don't have enough time to troubleshoot equipment issues themselves. Thin clients are seldom obsolete because their performance won't vary depending on if there's available bandwidth from one location - so long as you've got access both ways!


For your server, decide on an operating system. Most of the thin clients use Linux or Microsoft on the server.

You need to purchase a server that has enough memory, hard drive capacity, and processor speed for your workstations.

You will need to determine the software that people using your workstations typically use, including email and word processing programs. Make sure you have updated versions of these applications in addition to any required licenses for them as well!

To create a test network, connect the server to one or more thin clients and follow the steps. Once you are satisfied that your server is working as required, it may be time to install into an environment with computers on which testing can happen.

Linux Environment

Install the Linux operating system on the server.

Install terminal server software onto the server.

It is important to have the appropriate software for your needs. You need to install other programs such as word processor, Open Office, and spreadsheet suite equivalent to Microsoft Office. SAMBA enables file sharing with Microsoft servers while desktop works in tandem, allowing network connections through terminal server networks or via evolution email program if you're using Linux-based operating systems.

Microsoft Environment

Install Windows Server 2008 onto your server, including the Windows Terminal Server.

Install Microsoft Platform Builder onto the server. This will come with most thin-client workstations, but if yours doesn't have it, then install platform builder from the Start menu and then follow the installation guide that you can find online or in the instructions booklet for your computer software."

Network Configuration

Select a firewall in order to protect the server from malicious software or hackers on the Internet.

Select a switch in order to allow you to connect the server and the thin client.

Connect the firewall with the Internet, and then connect the switch with the firewall. Connect the thin-client workstation and server to the switch using 10/100 Ethernet cables.

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