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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Decent Gaming PC

Ivy PedersenNovember 24, 2021,
How Much Does It Cost To Build A Decent Gaming PC

You can save some money by building your own PC, but you will have to spend time and effort doing so. Building a gaming PC yourself saves money and maximizes performance in all areas!

Building a gaming PC used to cost you anywhere from $300 up, but the price has stabilized these days. In general, it will range anywhere between $300 and $2k for your own custom-built system.

How Much Is It To Build A Gaming PC: A Breakdown

The Processor

The processor or CPU helps you to interact with all of the different programs and applications. You probably already know how it works, but if you are looking for a complete gaming experience, then what kind do you need? A quad-core will be more than enough!

CPU Cooling Systems

The best gaming PC will never be complete without a quality cooler to keep it cool. With so much heat from all those graphics-intensive action sequences and explosions, you need an efficient cooling system for your processor as well!

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM has become affordable over the last few years, and you may want to get at least 16 gigs of it. You don't necessarily need more if your goal is professional work. However, most people will use what's available for their own personal projects because they're not quite sure how much data needs storing yet!


Spending a lot on the motherboard is not necessary, and in some cases, can be costly. However, if you want to save money by cutting features that aren't needed, then this could work for your needs too!

Storage (Hard Drives and SSDs)

The wrong time to buy a hard drive is when you're making your own PC. You want the latest, fastest Solid State Drive for best performance!

Graphics Card (GPU)

If you want to get serious about gaming, the graphics card is going to be a huge part of your budget. I would expect people on tight budgets to spend anywhere between $160-$180 for one and just keep things simple.

Power Supply

When picking out a gaming PC, it is important to do your research and find something that suits both needs. You should not just get any old power supply because you don't know what will work for the system. This could cause complications down the line with overheating or other issues!

Your PC Case

You don't have to spend a lot of money on the PC case if you are only going to use it for storing your components. You can get by with something less expensive, but make sure that inside there is good airflow and quality material because this will affect performance or longevity later down the road when building or troubleshooting problems at home."


With all this talk about how to get the most out of your computer, it's time for some good old-fashioned monitor shopping. The screens are an essential component in making sure that everything you see on screen is crystal clear and easy to use;  which means investing wisely will pay off when choosing one!


You can have a powerful gaming computer without sacrificing your keyboard. Your input device may seem insignificant, but it has the power to make or break how well you play games!


You may want to consider whether or not you need speakers. Speakers are a great addition for gaming, but if your monitor has them already built-in and it's going on top of an already good sound system from another source, then that might be all the components needed at first!


Investing in a gaming mouse can help you to be better at your favorite video games. It's unnecessary, but it will really improve the experience for gamers and those who just want an edge when playing alone or with friends.

Gaming Desk

You might want to consider including the cost of your gaming PC in this equation. While any table will do, you could go with something sleek and simple or get one that goes above and beyond. There are so many different desks on today's market!

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