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A Step by Step Guide on Invention and Patent Processes

Ivy PedersenJanuary 5, 2021
Invention and Patent Processes

Inventions are one of the most important inventions that have made the world a better place and have given people the chance to live a more comfortable life. There are many different types of inventions. These include mechanical, chemical, biological, and electrical.

Mechanical inventions include the steamboat, the sewing machine, and the electric light bulb. An invention is a new or novel device, technique, or composition. It can be a new technique for making an item or an entirely new process for producing an item. Many of the greatest inventions were invented by ordinary people who either saw a need, had an idea, or tinned a product that solved a problem or improved on an existing product or process. 

One of the most significant factors to analyze when considering the definition of an invention is to recognize the difference between a patent and an invention. The difference between a patent and an invention is that patents are considered a legal document while inventions are not. Patents are required for people and companies to create a specific thing under the law. While many people believe that every new invention should be issued a patent, patents are only available for things that have been around for more than six years. Additionally, an invention cannot be patented unless it can be proven to have some commercial value.

The USPTO prefers to use the term "inventive invention" instead of a patent when referring to new or unusual products. For an invention to be considered inventive, three requirements must be met. The product must be new and evident to individuals who would not know about the invention if disclosed or practiced. The product must generate revenue, meaning that individuals must derive a profit from the product's sale. Also, the product must not infringe upon any preexisting inventions.

When Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb, he was considered an incredible man. Many people were prepared to spend money on his idea because they saw him as a great inventor. However, others could not obtain the benefits Edison obtained from his inventions because they did not file for a patent with the USPTO. These individuals could have obtained protection had they taken the time to file for their patent. Because of this, Thomas Edison is often referred to as the father of the electric light bulb.

Other inventors and business owners attempt to protect their inventions before getting a patent by filing for a provisional patent. A provisional patent serves to show to the USPTO and other parties that an inventor is interested in protecting their new inventions. Provisional patents are also useful to show to potential competitors. 

Inventions are a unique type of line item in the business. Inventors must apply and compete with other inventors to receive protection for their inventions. The invention procedure is a continuous process over the entire manufacturing and technological development cycle.

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