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7 Best Practices for Low-Voltage Cabling

Jeremy WynnMarch 17, 2021
7 Best Practices for Low-Voltage Cabling

Low-voltage cabling or structured wiring is the network foundation on which digital technology and communication equipment function efficiently. Large businesses often have complex wiring systems for their WiFi, phones, audio, and computer networking, among several other purposes.

One of the best things about low-voltage cabling is that it has a wide range of applications and can be used in any type of building. In an office environment, high-speed technology is needed for operations to function at their full potential. This is why you need a strong foundation for a reliable network. 

Here are seven practices for structured cabling that will fulfill your company’s needs:

1. Select a cable vendor early

Many businesses tend to do low-voltage cabling after office premises have been designed. Skipping the infrastructure planning during the designing process limits how effective the network will be.

Low-voltage cabling experts provide insight into where to set up different networks, such as voice data cabling. This includes the basic phone system, data network, coax, and server room cabling. Professionals may also help you strategically place your underground utilities so that you get the best out of every network possible.

2. Future-proof your office

Have your cabling vendor install multiple drops in the office to anticipate change. While you may not see the point in doing so now, your team may expand and it is best to prepare from the get-go. 

3. Hire a cable vendor with a proper license

Before you even hire a cable vendor, make sure that they have a proper license. You need a professional who has sufficient expertise and experience to plan out your network and make sure that it is fully functional. 

For underground cabling, you need to hire utility locating companies to do the job, especially if it is a newly installed cable. To ensure that your new infrastructure doesn't ruin the existing ones, you should hire companies offering utility potholing. Bobby Blue Plumbing is one of the top-notch companies that offer this kind of service.

4. Look for warranty options

Many manufacturers provide up to fifteen to twenty years of warranty on products installed by certified personnel. Try to find pre-certified installers from the manufacturer to design the best network possible.

You may also apply for extended warranties, as these will protect you from any extra costs. You will also have guaranteed support for your product should anything go wrong. 

5. Think about your long-term needs

It is important that you think ahead about your company’s future before your installation. If you only have a three to five-year lease then installing an expensive, fast speed solution may not be right for you. If slower speed is acceptable then go for the basic cabling option.

You will not only save on costs but will be able to reinvest in your business if required, such as by taking care of underground utilities or just maintaining your installed network.

6. Consider different cabling solutions

You should expect your cabling vendor to best guide you in what cabling solution fits your environment, needs, and more importantly, your budget.  Find out what category works for you best, and what suits your other utilities and cabling.

7. Test the network

Test each and every wire in the system to know that it is operational, depending on what you required. You want to make sure that you’ve gotten what you paid for and that everything is installed properly and running smoothly.


To best summarize this all for you, hire certified professionals that guarantee you the design best suited for your business, and remember to have every piece under proper warranty to replace if you face any issues. Design your network as early as possible to ensure that it functions well together with other underground utilities in the most efficient manner possible. 

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