Hi, I’m Eran. Feel free to look around, but don’t touch anything

Stuff I've done

I was lucky enough to lead the development of many interesting software projects including huge carrier-class network equipment, a Voice over Cable modem, a fully fledged low latency pre-emptive operating system for ARM and as you would expect some reversing here and there.

I'm insanely hands on so alongside division management I've done everything from bootstrap assembly, hard realtime modules, drivers for FPGAs, network processors and DSPs, object oriented system control and management modules (big, complex stuff like 1:1/1:N redundancy, distributed control architecture, OS abstracting infrastructure and much, MUCH more) all the way to bleeding heart PC applications.

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Stuff I'm doing

Nowadays I lead the development of an interesting funded startup which redefines "multi-disciplinary". I find myself soldering, commenting on hardware schematics, developing embedded software, desiging UI for a mobile application, writing Python for a robust, distributed backend with the latest/greatest 3rd part tools and deploying the former to AWS with boto in a single day.

Not to mention whipping a few of the most dedicated and talented developers into submission while doing so.

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Stuff I'd like to do

I'm a code guy - it's my responsibility get things done, make them work and never frustrate. I do this with a passion and with borderline obsessive dedication. It fills me with a rush knowing that countless sleepless nights of thinking and coding have an effect on how people interact with things - be it pick up a phone and hear a working dial tone or talk on their cell not knowing that I'm there caressing their packets through the wire.

This is what I want to keep doing - partnering up with great people and getting great stuff out the pipeline. I want to be on the edge of human knowledge, nudge it outwards a bit and pack that up into something humans will enjoy working with. I'm in a position to allow myself to experiment, as long as something grips me and doesn't require I get out of my chair - I'm in.

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